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Aluminium Doors and Windows

Altech Solutions

AlTech presents an exquisite range of selections of highly adaptable and functional aluminium doors and windows. Our work provides a very fine touch and finish to your home’s overall outlook. The properties of aluminium metal safeguards and guarantees longevity into the future. Aluminium works from our company are not only easy to maintain, clean and repair they are extremely durable as well. We employ some of the most advanced locking mechanisms on the aluminium frames to ensure high security for your establishments and homes. You can choose from a wide range of colours & finishes all built to pass the international standards for quality and finish.

ACP Cladding

Altech Solutions

Our ACP cladding products are top range in quality and functionality. Our collection includes a wide range of ACP sheet cladding, acp structural glazings, first-class service in other ACP works. Get the best ACP cladding at competitive price from our To furnish the requirements of clients, we are engaged in offering ACP Cladding Service. To offer the best quality ACP cladding service, we render it with following quality principles. Apart from this, we are offering this ACP cladding service range at the budget friendly market price.

Spider Glazing

Altech Solutions

AlTech provides spider glazing which is a frameless glass system. It is very easy to install and maintain everyday. The greatest advantage it provides is the outer view that is vast and seamless. It can be used skilfully with intelligent designs to light internal areas with daylight. Further, it is used for curtain walls, canopies, atriums with high degree of transparency and optimization.

Structural Glazing

Altech Solutions

We offer you some of the most innovative and budget friendly options for glass designs. The full frame or partial frame designs are structurally glazed to perfection and stick to the external surface giving a lustrous finish to the frames and overall structure. The real utility of structural glazing is in framing clear and tinted float glasses that are tempered and coated. The high thermal efficiency of building reduces the effect of water and air on the material.

Curtain Wall Glazing

Altech Solutions

We are first class providers of aluminium framed housing glasses, metal planes. The curtain walls envelope a major portion of a building and hence forms an elementary part of the wall system. The glazing system needs a very careful integration with adjacent structural elements, wall claddings, roofs, etc. The curtain wall system like standard prefabricated systems that includes specialized custom wall units are made by us.

Fundermax Cladding

Altech Solutions

We help you build strong interfaces between ideas and materials. Fundermax cladding is all about this. Furnitures, facades and interiors fittings all fit perfectly. Our team is well placed to understand and combine architects, processors, furniture industry, etc.to form the best fundex cladding services for you. Using professional techniques and tools of highest technological ratings we design for advanced cladding projects.

Canopies & Skylight

Altech Solutions

Canopies and skylights are the modern trends in architecture. It not only adds to the look and feel but creates an ambience of peace and safety as well. Keeping the weather away from doors. However like all brilliant constructions skylight needs a unique approach it won’t work with the one-size-fits-all approach. You can trust us to do the right construction for you with the best quality materials and design.,

Shower Cubicles

Altech Solutions

Shower cubicles are today a necessary part of every modern bathroom. The single bathroom scenarios demand multiple use for roommates and family. They are constructed with the most suitable materials of glass and right texture for the best experience indoors. Shower cubicles are easy to make with our expert advice and solutions.

Interior Partitions

Altech Solutions

The main feature of modern workspaces are transparent partitions. Best interior partitions are created using the top quality material. AlTech solutions allow you to build the right kind of partitions for every purpose. The interior partition designers with


Altech Solutions

The handrails of AlTech solutions are best for commercial and residential projects for intense protection. The glass handrails, gives a first-rate quality with clear visibility and great look. The balconies, terraces are both from internal and external sides. With stairways, landings, etc. to control the pedestrian movement.


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